About Akhil Poddar

Akhil Poddar is a young and thriving and inspiring businessman from Jaipur Rajasthan. He is belongs to the Poddar Group of Industries, which is the leading manufacturers of PPC electrical poles in Rajasthan. Born on 07/05/1991 Akhil joined the business at the age of just 19 years. He has acquired exceptional business skills from his grandfather Mr. Dwarka Prasad Poddar, Founder of Poddar Group of Industries, and his father, Mr. Uttam Kumar Poddar, from whom he has inherited the leadership of the group. Akhil is the next-gen face of this long-established group which has provided the uninterrupted supply of PPC poles, one of the necessities of state infrastructure, for the last few decades.

Akhil has not only brought breathe of fresh air, innovative ideas, and new energy to his business but also inspiring the youth of today with his ultra luxurious lifestyle. He is a dreamer and achiever who believes “Success Introduces You, before you even speak single word”.

“ Attitude Determines Success “